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Telehealth consulting services are provided by transferring the medical information via telecommunication channels. Consulting services may be provided both off-line and on-line. A consulting service includes electronic transmission of medical records, photo images, private medical information or other data between a person and healthcare provider; interactions between a person and healthcare provider via audio, video and/or data communications; use of output data from medical devices, sound and video files.

Possible benefits of Telehealth:

You will obtain a doctor’s advice staying at home, in your office, etc.

Reduced costs for doctor’ appointment.

You can receive consulting services at any time convenient for you, time saving.

Possible disadvantages of Telehealth:

Information submitted to your provider(s) can appear insufficient to make a correct medical decision by the provider(s).

The inability of your Provider(s) to conduct certain tests or assess vital signs in-person may in some cases prevent the Provider(s) from providing a diagnosis or treatment or from identifying the need for emergency medical care or treatment for you.

Your Provider may not be able to provide health care for your particular condition via telehealth thus necessitating a face-to-face meeting with your doctor in the hospital.

Delays in medical evaluation / treatment could occur due to technical difficulties;

Security protocols or security measures could fail, causing a breach of confidential information.

Subject to regulatory requirements in the certain jurisdictions, some options of your treatment, especially those that relate to certain prescriptions, can be limited.

By accepting this Informed Consent for Telehealth Services you confirm and give your consent as follows:

I read the Informed Consent for Telehealth Services carefully and understand risks and benefits of the use of tehehealth with regard to health care and treatment that will be provided to me by “Provides” through Joytabs platform.

I give my Informed Consent for Telehealth Services to providers that are related to Joytabs.

I understand that the delivery of health care services via telehealth is an evolving field and the use of telehealth in my medical care and treatment may include uses of any technologies not specifically described in this Consent.

I understand that even though telehealth can be of potential benefit to me like any other health care services, such benefits or specific results cannot be guaranteed. My condition may not be cured or improved and, in some cases, may get worse.

I understand that Healthcare provider may determine that my condition cannot be treated via the telehealth thus necessitating me to visit a doctor in person to get health care and treatment.

I understand that telehealth services are protected by the same confidentiality measures that apply to any other health care services provided to me.

I understand that I have access to all information relating to my health and well-being within the scope of telehealth services according to the applicable laws and regulations.

I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time by sending a letter to JT. Otherwise this consent shall be considered as valid for each new telehealth consultation by health care providers.

I agree and authorize my healthcare provider to transfer the information relating to the examination to other persons for the purpose of treatment, payment and health care services.

I agree and authorize my healthcare provider to transfer the information relating the examination via telehealth to Joytabs and its partners.

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