These Terms and Condition of Website Use of (hereafter referred to as “our”, “we”, “JT”, “us”, “Joytabs”) are binding for website visitors. The website is intended for convenience of the provision of telehealth services. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they establish the rules required for the further use of the service. If you need urgent medical care or doctor’s advice please call immediately 911. Our site is a mediate between you and the public health system and is not a substitute for direct relations between you and your attending physician. Upon reading these Term and Conditions you shall confirm that you will follow all terms and conditions of website use, all terms and conditions are absolutely clear for you and you do agree to any terms and conditions of use covered by this information content. If you do not accept These Terms and Condition of Website Use, you may not use this website as well as all services that are provided by the website. These Terms and Condition of Website Use are subject to changes unilaterally by placing the information here.

The combined use of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra is not allowed, so you need to choose only one drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. You can only buy a monthly supply of the drug, not more than 30 tablets.

The Services of the website include delivery of information with regard to the public health service to the population, the provision of the services of partner pharmacy, development and collection of medical information, its storage and use in consultation of a doctor, administrative support of website, the payment of services of the healthcare provider and payment of the pharmacy services, the maintenance of telecommunications, the provision of telecommunications for direct access to the healthcare provider to obtain an advice, health assessment and further treatment order.

This Terms and Condition of Website Use include your rights and obligations, which you may exercise to obtain services. The access to and use of the website is governed by our Privacy Policy and by Terms and Condition of Website Use. The Terms “you” and “to you” will hereafter apply and refer to a person that uses a service. If you do not accept and do not agree to observe the present Terms and Condition of Website Use, you may not use the website and any information provided by it. The Terms and Condition of Website Use are subject to changes; therefore we recommend reviewing them from time to time in the section.

Any changes become valid after they are posted on the website. If you do not agree to Terms and Condition of Website Use, please immediately stop using the website and the service. Any use of the website after changes are posted means that you agree with such changes. Our services are available only to people located in the certain States. This Websites is offered and available to users who are 18 years of age or older, agrees with the present Terms and Condition of Website Use and follows the rules. You must be within the States where we carry out our activities.

You agree and understand that even all requirements are met the website does not guarantee that you will be able to obtain services through Joytabs, and its partners and other affiliated professional organizations reserve the right to change or introduce any requirements at their discretion without prior notice.

How to use

You need to have the access to the Internet, personal computer or any other computing or mobile system with the required software. The payment for use of the Internet and mobile services shall be applied according to the rates of your provider.

Consent to use the telehealth services. The telehealth involves the delivery of healthcare services using electronic communications, information technology or other means between a healthcare provider and a patient who are not in the same physical location. The telehealth includes electronic transmission of medical records between a patient and a healthcare provider as well as any personal health information, data on medical investigations, photo images.

Interactions between a patient and healthcare provider is performed via audio, video and/or data communications with analysis results, video and sound files. All files, documents and information are incorporated in the security protocols; integrity against intentional or unintentional corruption is not protected.

Privacy policy

Please read our Privacy Policy since it is important for you to understand why we need your information, how we collect your information, how we use and protect it. The reference to Privacy Policy is incorporated to this Terms and Condition of Website Use and constitutes an integral part hereof. Joytabs does not provide and does not deliver any health care services including via the website. You have to understand that Joytabs is a platform for telecommunications with healthcare providers that are the partners of Joy Tabs LLC. Joytabs does not substitute direct health care services in all situations. Decision regarding the use of our service shall be taken by you, however taking into account the Terms and Condition of Website Use. Upon accepting the Terms and Condition of Website Use you agree that Joy Tabs and the health care providers may send to you information, notices, messages, reports or any other information. You are responsible for review of these messages and agree that you shall bear responsibility for compliance with all advices in respect to treatment. You shall assume the responsibility if failure to comply with the advices causes injures losses, lack of effect or any other damage.

Consulting Service

With Joy Tabs website you will get an opinion of a healthcare worker. The healthcare worker consulting you through the service will probably not get complete information that would be obtained during personal examination. Consequently the healthcare worker may not get all facts relating to your health, which can influence on his/her opinion on your diagnosis and further treatment order. In order to reduce the risk JT recommends to submit to the healthcare worker comprehensive information with regard to your health, availability of concurrent disease and to discuss all possible diagnostic options with him/her. Limitations imposed by the legislation of the State may also affect the quality of the services. You shall agree that you are aware of all risks associated with such limitations and assume responsibility. You shall also agree that the made diagnosis is a preliminary one, the telehealth does not substitute personal visit to a doctor and certainly it does not substitute physical examination and appropriate diagnostical procedures.

Website content

All information posted on Joytabs website is fact finding and not comprehensive. For more detailed information please personally see your attending doctor or your healthcare provider.

User registration

For receiving services you need to register to our website. For registration you need a username and a password to become a protective user. If you are a protective user, you agree to give full, correct and true personal information and information on your health, and to give and update information during the further consultations and between them. In case of any doubts arising to the health care provider and the doctor as to the accuracy of the information, Joytabs may to suspend your user account. If you are aware of the unauthorized use of your user account, please inform the support service.

You agree to keep your user account and password confidential and log off in the end of each session. You are liable for all actions made under your user account and for keeping your password confidential as well as for changing your password if your user account was hacked. You may not disclose your password to other persons and create more than one user account. You may not use also a foreign account. You agree that technical malfunctions can occur in any time on the website and JT

administration is not liable for any interruption in obtaining access to your user account and website services.

Access and prohibition to use

Subject to this Terms and Condition of Website Use you are granted the right to browse the website personally; the right is exclusive, precarious and limited. The services provided at the website are intended for your personal and noncommercial use and only in accordance with this Terms and Condition of Website Use, Informed Consent for Telehealth Services and Privacy Policy. No other rights including proprietary rights or other interests are available for you. We reserve the right to refuse or to suspend your use of the website or the Service for whatever reason and without explaining any reasons. You agree that you will not represent falsely yourself to be another person or legal entity or otherwise misrepresent yourself as another person or legal entity. You agree that you will not use the website with a view to break the legislation of the State, as well as the legislation of the country, national and international law; redesign and translate any software or other components of the website; distribute, introduce, download or distribute viruses, applications, Trojan Horse software or any other malicious computer codes that can damage or change the computer, portable device, computer network, communication network, data or our website; access or use our website in any manner and for any purpose that can violate the intellectual property rights or another right of the third party; license, sublicense, sell, resell, deliver, assign, distribute or otherwise use the website, services or associated materials for commercial purposes or provide them to any third parties; use or obtain access to the websites to create or develop a competitive companies or services or for any other purposes which are detrimental to Joytabs LLC; take any actions or use the website in any manner that could impair, destroy, disrupt, deactivate, devaluate, restart, create disturbances in or otherwise affect or damage to our Website or any content wholly or partly; disrupt, interfere in, violate safety of, or attempt to obtain access to our Website or to any connected computer network; override, violate, avoid, remove, deactivate, impair, decode or otherwise override any security device, technological measure applied by JT or by any of our service providers to protect our Websites; delete, change or hide any trademarks, technical characteristics, warranties or any other notifications of intellectual property rights, trade marks, pacts or any other intellectual property or rights, liability from our website or from any other content available for you on our Website; use any manual or automated processes to trace or copy any content posted on our website or through it for any unauthorized purposes; copy, duplicate, upload, store in the search system, publish, transfer or otherwise reproduce, combine, use as a component or a base for the data base or otherwise use in any form, text, reports or other materials related to the activity of Joytabs; use the website in any other manner in excess of the scope of use as stated above.

Proprietary information

All information or personal data that you provide to us is treated by us according to our Privacy Policy. You agree that any information howsoever provided to us at the website either through direct entry, post, e-mail or otherwise and all questions, comments, messages will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and become the property of Joytabs or other affiliated professional organizations or providers of the health care services.

Such information can be used for all purposes including reproduction, request, disclosure, transfer, posting, broadcasting. JT is free to use any ideas, concepts or methods contained in any message you send to JT through services or by other means for any purposes including product development and marketing with the use of such information.

You understand and agree that any personal data or information provided by you can be used, copied or displayed by JT. When providing services Joytabs may submit data to our service providers, successors and assignee, health care staff, providers of health care services and associated medical centers as well

as to associated professional organizations. Joytabs may also give license and sublisense for transfer the information to the third parties so they may provide services to you.

Website content property

The sole and exclusive owner of all rights, property rights and interests of the website is Joytabs LLC that owns also all content, functions, software, texts, design and look. You may not reproduce, post, distribute, create derivatives of, publish, perform in public, reissue, download, keep, transfer, sell or participate in sale of, in whole or in part, any material from our website according to this Terms and Condition of Website Use. You have no right to access or use any part of the website or the content for any commercial purposes.


The name “Joytabs” and other materials that can be displayed on the website or through it may represent the trademark, the trade name or the logo. We and our company reserve the right of ownership to all these marks and all associated information.

Links to other websites

The website may include links to other websites that are operated by the third parties. Such websites can be beyond our control and we are not liable for the content thereof as well as for their products, services and information. All these websites are intended to facilitate the provision of services for you. You will use these websites at your own risk and peril and we will be not liable, whether directly or indirectly, for any content, errors, damages or losses caused by the use of information from these websites. You shall understand that we do not assume any responsibility for information, products, services as described at these websites.

Refusal to use

This Terms and Condition of Website Use remain in effect while you continue to receive access to or use the website or the service. You may terminate the Terms and Condition of Website Use in any time by ceasing the use of the website. Your permission to use the website will be withdrawn automatically if you break this Terms and Condition of Website Use. JT may terminate or suspend the exercise of any rights granted under the Terms and Condition of Website Use including the right to access and use the website or service by giving a prior notice or without it for whatever reason and in any time. Warranty disclaimer, liability limitations, indemnity, dispute resolution, arbitral tribunal shall remain in force until the expiry of validity.

In accordance with the current legislation JT shall reserve the right to keep, delete or destroy all messages or materials posted or uploaded to the website under its privacy policy as well as to keep the received content and records. JT has no other obligations with regard to provision of services with the exception of cases when JT partner is obliged to provide you access to your medical card. You agree that if the use of your services is ceased under the Terms and Condition of Website Use, you will not try to use the services otherwise and you shall also agree that if you break this limitation such cessation, you will discharge Joytabs LLC from any liability that it can bear.

Warranty disclaimer

You shall agree that you will use the website at your own risk. You shall agree that any and all services provided by the website are not medical services. Joytabs does not guarantee that website services will be continuous, free from errors, defects, losses, delays, cyber attacks and viruses. You shall agree that any content, materials and/or information received by means of the website shall be used at your own

risk and you bear liability and exceptional risks for any damage to your computer or mobile device or for loss of downloaded data, materials or information.

Limitation of liability

The use or the invalid use of the website or any other services provided through the website or other intangible losses arising from the use of the website are not the liability of JT even if it could influence on it. JT has a minimum degree of liability.


You shall agree to relief from any liability, protect and save harmless JT, its subsidiary companies and their directors, officers, employees, subcontractors, licensor, suppliers, representatives, owners, partners successors, bookkeepers, lawyers from any suits, actions, claims, proceedings, losses, risks, costs and expenses (including legal fees, legal costs and book charges whether or not associated, arising or estimated) resulted from your use of material and content available on the website in an unauthorized way, by fraud, through the breach of the law or through other intentional or innocent infringement.

Website changes

Joytabs shall reserve the right, in any time and for whatever reason, to change, temporary or finally, close, modify operation of the website and the service or any of its part by giving a prior notice or without notification. You shall agree that Joytabs will not be liable to you or to any third party for any change, close, suspension or termination to use the website.

Pharmacy services

If a prescription is written to you within the services, we will provide you with medication from any partner pharmacy. You shall give us your consent to send and forward to the pharmacies all information provided by you, medical records and any other relevant medical information and your personal data.

Packing and dispatch

You shall agree that subject to the written prescription the partner pharmacy will dispatch a medication to you wrapped in packing that is not save for children and you have to keep the medication away from children. Packing is not a prepackage and is intended to preserve the pills from ambient conditions only.


You agree to pay all charges for requested services. You will see the request to indicate payment details and the field to enter the data of the credit card and any promo code you may have. Input of payment information and sending of request enable us and our partners to charge an amount due.

You shall understand and agree that you are liable for any charges related to health care and pharmacy services including any charges due to public health service organizations and providers. Payments made by you to JT may include charges due to public health service organizations and public health service providers for health care services and/or pharmacy services that are collected on behalf of such public health service organizations and public health service providers by JT. If some charges are not included in the payment, they will be included and paid later.

Federal and State Programs such as Medicare and Medicaid do not cover all costs for health care even if you suppose that these health care services are necessary for you. The federal and state programs do

not pay for services or products related to the telehealth. By accessing the Website and receiving a service you agree that you will directly pay for any health care services or products provided to you and neither Joytabs nor other health care organization or health care provider will issue invoices for any federal or state programs with regard to the provision of their services and products.

Resolution of disputes, arbitral tribunal

These Terms and Condition of Website Use are governed by the laws of the State of Florida. Any dispute arising out of the present Terms and Condition of Website Use or other disputes related hereof shall be resolved in final and binding arbitration in Fort Lauderdale, the State of Florida in accordance with the Rules of American Arbitration Association, except that any of party can initiate a intellectual property claim.